6 tips for simplifying life for winter

When you live at the Pointe - Hilliard, your routine maintenance needs are met by us, so you never have to worry about calling contractors--or being one yourself. But making some arrangements to plan ahead for the winter helps make the cold, dark months more fun and functional. 

Don’t forget to bring in your plants. Most plants should come indoors when temperatures dip below 50 degrees. Also, be sure not to overwater them during the winter. According to The Spruce, house plants need less water during cold months when they experience slower growth or even dormancy. Last, because your plants will be getting less light, The Spruce says you might need to relocate your houseplants to a brighter spot or even add supplemental light.

Change out your winter wardrobe. Some of us swap out our entire wardrobe for the colder seasons, while others just add layers. Whatever your approach for staying warm and fashionable during the winter, it helps to go through your closets once a year and store items like tank tops and swimsuits in the back, and position winter jackets and sweaters in a place where they’ll be the most accessible.

Create a space to store wet boots, snowsuits, hats, and gloves. A couple of bins by the front door helps keep wet boots from making puddles and consolidates wet gear in one spot for the laundry. (Bonus: every floor plan at The Pointe-Hilliard includes a washer and dryer!)

Keep a bin in your car for brushes, snow scrapers, and other items you may need for winter driving. No one wants to dig through a closet to find a snow scraper before leaving home! The Drive also recommends items such as a multi-tool, thermal blanket, hand warmers, extra socks, and boots. (For those who don’t love scraping snow off the windshield in the morning, ask us about garage parking!)

This one is just for fun: string up some lights! You don’t need a holiday to enjoy a little cheer. Indoor twinkle lights can make things a little more bright and festive during the dark winter months. Check out Pinterest for more ideas for decorating with twinkle lights.

Spacious, stress-free living. If you’ve lived in the Midwest during the winter months, you’ve most likely accumulated your own collection of winter survival gear. When you live at The Pointe Hilliard, you’ll enjoy a spacious floor plan with plenty of storage and amenities to simplify your life. Call (614) 845-6097 to schedule a tour and reserve your new home today.

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Oct 14