Apartment-Friendly Birdwatching

Immerse Yourself in Nature With a New Hobby

Forget about making bread or Instagram-worthy coffee creations; one of the more surprising emerging pandemic trends has been the sudden popularity of birdwatching. And with good reason! It’s a great way to get out into nature, and anyone can participate. When you live in an apartment, you can’t keep a bird feeder out on your balcony, but there are plenty of ways to take part in this wholesome craze.

Get the Right Equipment

All you really need to get started as an amateur birdwatcher is a quality set of binoculars. There’s a huge variety to be found, at every price point and for everyone from novice to professional. Avoid getting overwhelmed and consult the Audubon Society’s guide to find the best pair to meet your needs. 

Let Technology Guide You

Gone are the days of cumbersome field guide books to carry around for bird identification purposes. These days, figuring out what kind of bird you’ve spotted is as easy as opening an app. The Merlin app lets you snap pictures of birds and easily identify them. Get a head start by downloading the Midwest “bird pack,” which will help guide you to the birds you’re most likely to see locally. 

Check Out Local Parks and Trails

Hilliard has so many options for you to get out into nature. Between local parks, trails, creeks, ponds, and the Scioto River, you’re sure to find a variety of birds to watch. Check out Hilliard Green Park’s guide to seasonal birding, which will show you which birds you’re likely to see at various times during the year. You can also consult TrailLink to find birding trails in the area – be sure to check if you need particular equipment or footwear for specific trails!

Enjoy Your Finds at Home

Once you’ve ventured into nature to explore and document your birdwatching adventures, return home to The Pointe and kick back on your patio or by the pool to review your photos or upload your snapshots to social media or local birding online groups. And if you really want to bring your new hobby home, pick a few of your favorite pictures to have printed out and framed as wall art for a touch of nature indoors!

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May 11