Home Hacks for Winter Comfort

Make Life at Home a Little Cozier

Ohio winters can be cold and dreary, but having a warm and cozy retreat can really improve those cold-weather blues. If you’re going to be staying indoors for a while, you might as well take the time to make your apartment feel (figuratively) warm. Ready to up the comfort factor in your home? We’ve got some tips for you! 

Stay In for Brunch

You may not be able to enjoy brunch out at your favorite restaurant this winter, but you can certainly treat yourself at home! At The Pointe, you can put your upscale kitchen to great use and whip up an Instagram-worthy meal. Some ideas that will elevate your brunch from “meh” to “magnificent”:

  • Fresh-squeezed orange juice (either on its own or in mimosas)

  • French press or pour-over coffee with homemade sugar cubes 

  • Gourmet omelets with local produce and artisan cheese

  • A “brunch board,” taking cues from charcuterie, with an artful arrangement of fruit, cheeses – even waffles or pancakes!

Recreate a Spa Experience at Home

You don’t need to leave your apartment to experience some spa-level luxury. A pair of quality slippers and a luxe robe will get you outfitted properly for relaxation, and travel sizes of your favorite upscale bath products can help you feel indulgent without breaking the bank. Add a few drops of essential oil to your bath water before taking a soak for a truly restorative experience. 

Warm Up Your Decor

A minimalist look for home decor is popular these days, but it often lacks warmth – in both the decorative and literal senses of the word. To transform your apartment into a cozy winter hideaway, add area rugs to spaces with plank flooring and put plush throw blankets on your sofa. Add a few LED candles to warm up the ambience, along with some houseplants. 

Take Afternoon Tea

Need a mid-afternoon warm-up? Indulge in a hot cup of tea. Recreate the tea room experience with a ceramic teapot, some finger sandwiches or pastries, and a bouquet of your favorite flowers. Taking tea for one? A whimsical tea infuser will warm your mood as the tea warms you up. 

A Great Place to Call Home

The Pointe – Hilliard offers upscale amenities and elegant finishing touches in every apartment. Some apartments have large bathrooms with dual sinks – ideal for your home-spa experience! Live in an apartment you truly love. Call us now to get started: (614) 845-6907.

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Jan 12