Wardrobe Switchout

How to transition your wardrobe for the changing season 

It might be hard to believe since temperatures are still in the 80s and 90s in Hilliard, but fall is just around the corner. If you’re making a move, or perhaps just settling into The Pointe - Hilliard apartments (welcome!), you might be thinking about arranging your wardrobe for the new season. You might even be considering a complete reorganization of your storage space. This doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore! Here are some tips on how to make it a smooth transition. 

Organize your space

When you live at The Pointe - Hilliard, you have the luxury of a walk-in closet, but if you still need a little extra space, consider some stackable organizers or garment bags for your seasonal items. Likewise, if you have items in storage that you know you’ll be needing soon, now is a good time to relocate them to the front of the closet. 

Prepare items for storage or donation

Instead of shuffling around your unused clothing for another season, now is a great time to assess what you’ll wear for the next few months and what you never anticipate wearing again! Your unwanted items can be set aside for donation or consignment, and old t-shirts can be repurposed into dust rags. If you’re the crafty type, save them for making handbags and quilts! Space-saving vacuum garment bags can be stored under the bed, or can even be hung in the back of your closet. 

Arrange for accessibility 

The items you wear most frequently should be the most accessible. You’ll probably want to hold off on wearing the tall boots and fleece vests– for now. But arrange those items in your closet where you can easily find them in the coming months. You’ll also still want to keep a few warm-weather items readily available for layering, or for those unseasonably warm days in the fall.

Neutral colors to the front!

Again, keeping some transition pieces handy will help carry you through the changing season. You can store the spring pastels and summer florals at the back of the closet and bring neutrals and warmer colors to the front. You may even designate an area of your closet for items you love to wear all year long. If you have delicate items that need to be stored, they should be folded rather than hung to prevent sagging and stretching. 

Leave some room for new things

It’s very possible you’ll go shopping before the year ends, right? So leave a little space in your closet for new purchases. You don’t want to have so much crammed in there that you don’t have room for anything new. And if you don’t have room in your closet for even one more piece of clothing, that might be a sign it’s time for a purge! 

Ready for a change? 

The Pointe offers the best in Hilliard apartment living. Check out our gallery for inspiration, and call our leasing office at (614) 344-1817 to schedule a tour today. 

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Aug 4