Winter Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy

Exercise and Toys May Help Offset Boredom

Dog owners know that their pups are happiest and healthiest when they’re getting plenty of exercise. In the winter, however, the cold and snow can interfere with daily walks, and your dog may become restless – and possibly destructive. Fortunately, when you live at The Pointe, you’ve got plenty of options nearby for keeping your pet entertained.

Visit the Dog Park

Dog paws may be irritated by cold concrete and ice melt, so The Pointe’s fenced dog park is a nice alternative to a stroll through the neighborhood. Try scheduling playdates with other canine residents for some needed socialization and extra exercise.

Explore Pet-Friendly Businesses

The Pointe is close to several “doggy daycare” businesses in Hilliard, including Camp Bow Wow and Pet Palace. Doggy daycare gives your dog an opportunity to socialize and get indoor exercise, and it keeps them busy while you’re working. As an added bonus, some doggy daycares and boarding facilities also offer grooming services, so you can pick up a freshly bathed and manicured pup at the end of the day.

Use Enriching Indoor Toys

Puzzle toys challenge your pooch to use their mind to solve problems, while simultaneously occupying their time and burning off some energy. There are plenty of store-bought enrichment options, such as treat-dispensing toys and snuffle mats (which encourage your dog to sniff out and hunt their kibble or treats). DIY options abound as well, with puzzles, toys, and activities you can easily make at home. The ASPCA offers a variety of ideas for occupying your dog when the weather keeps you inside.

Pet-Friendly Apartments in Hilliard

Looking for a pet-friendly apartment community close to Columbus destinations like The Ohio State University? Hilliard’s The Pointe offers a neighborhood feel just outside the city. With modern, upscale amenities and floor plans with the features you’re looking for, The Pointe is an ideal place for you – and your dog! Contact us now to ask about availability: (614) 845-6907.

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Jan 27